What type of services does Mammologix offer?

Mammologix offers a wide variety of services for clients performing breast imaging procedures, each tailored for the individual client's specific needs. These include;


  • Physician Referred, Self-Requesting, or Self-Referred Examinees
  • Breast Imaging Procedures
  • Low Dose CT Chest Screening
  • Risk Assessment/Breast Health History
  • Interventional Studies
  • Pathological Findings
  • Follow-up Recommendations/Compliance
  • Interpretation Workstation


  • Notification of Results/Lay Letter
  • Reminder of Recommendations/Lay Letter
  • Overdue Notices/Lay Letter
  • Referring Physician Notifications
  • Referring Physician Scripts/Recommendations

Follow-Up Compliance/Overdue Monitoring

  • Follow-Up Compliance
  • Overdue for Follow-Up (Non-Compliance)
  • Examinee Care Navigation

Outcome Auditing/Reporting

  • Medical Outcome Auditing
  • Continuing Experience Reporting
  • MQSA Regulatory Compliance Support
  • NQMBC Imaging Performance Measures
  • ACR Accreditation Outcome Data

Concierge Services

  • Special requests on a wide range of tracking, reporting, or communicating services specific to a client’s particular expectations
  • Services may be based on performing tasks on either a regular or ad-hoc basis
  • Script/Orders/Overdue Faxing Services
  • Low-Dose Lung Screening CT
  • Tumor boards, multidisciplanry cancer conferences

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