Navigating to Logix-Hub



You've got your username and password. Now, exactly how do you get to Mammologix's Logix-Hub? 

This video will help you be there in less than 90 seconds.

Or, follow the steps below.

  1. Using your internet browser navigate to and click on the Logix-Hub icon.

  2. You will be presented with the Logix Launchpad.

  3. The Logix Launchpad serves as a bridge between Mammologix's LogixDrive legacy application and Logix-Hub. If you are still using LogixDrive tools, links to these will remain available until they have been migrated to Logix-Hub.

  4. Click on the Logix-Hub link to launch your personalized Logix-Hub home page.

  5. Your Logix-Hub's home page will be presented with access to multiple options on the main menu based on personalized access established at User Setup. To access Logix-Hub tools for your group(s) select Clients link.

  6. Start using Logx-Hub's tools.

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