Is Mammologix a software?

Mammologix Services is not a software application.

It is an outsourced service provider specializing in coming along breast imaging facilities and performing many of the back-office tasks associated with placing patients into tracking, communicating results of their test results, mammography medical outcome auditing, and other related tasks as required to be performed by the facility by the FDA's Mammography Quality Standards Act.

Yes, Mammologix Services has developed a highly sophisticated software application. It is used by its team and available to clients for the purposes of performing all of the services it offers.

This application is called Logix-Hub and is actually the 'hub' or central connection point allowing users secure online access to network with each component of the various services they perform for their facility. In fact, Mammologix's tools have been acknowledged as offering a superb platform for delivering high-quality reporting and outcome information in an easy-to-use manner. However, most importantly Mammologix Services is an outsourced service provider.

Outsourcing means you entrust those processes of placing patients having breast imaging procedures into tracking and then let our specialized team assist you in dealing with keeping up with patient letters, outcome monitoring, and producing high-end mammography medical outcome auditing reports. While our team deals with the paperwork, your staff is freed up to perform more procedures and better care for the patient.

There are lots of reasons businesses outsource. Some of the most compelling advantages for using Mammologix include;

  • Allowing the facility staff to focus on the core business activity of performing breast imaging procedures and caring for patients
  • Create the opportunity to take full advantage of in-house staff to increase the number of procedures performed vs. spending time doing mandatory back-office paperwork
  • Increasing effectiveness and efficiency by taking advantage of Mammologix's economies of scale and its specialization in equipment and processes
  • Improve bottom-line expenses since Mammologix Services' fees are based on initial events placed into tracking. We absorb the cost of having resources standing by to accommodate a fluctuating volume of breast imaging being performed by your facility.
  • Mitigation of certain risk factors with additional specialized resources performing services that often exceed those routinely performed by multi-tasked in-house staff.

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