How did Mammologix Services get started?

Mammologix Services was an idea born out of practicality.

As a former radiologic technologist, Medical Imaging Director, and Imaging Specialist for a Fortune 100 company, our founder happened to become extremely involved with the Mammography Quality Standards Act of 1994. He witnessed the fact first hand remaining accredited with these new mandates required not only computing technology but also skilled human resources to help wade through the data generated to create useful and meaningful information.

The tipping point that got us started was a day back in 1995 when he met with the manager of a small rural imaging center. She told him her facility was contemplating spending nearly $20,000 (that’s equivalent in purchasing power to about $35,650 in 2021) to track and report outcomes for the less than 10 mammograms performed per week! 

It was there the concept of taking advantage of the economies of scale available through using an outsourced service took root. Instead of software, Mammologix Services partners with facilities to let them focus on taking care of their patients, while we assist with taking care of the data.

Since that time, Mammologix Services has provided reporting for thousands of MQSA inspections, on hundreds of facilities, tracking many tens of millions of examinees undergoing hundreds of millions of breast imaging and interventional procedures. Meanwhile, the entire organization remains committed to accommodating each client’s unique needs by providing the best service, with the best people at the highest quality possible.

Richard 'Rick' Lippert Jr.

Founder & President of Mammologix

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